Do you dream about transforming your home into a beautiful organized place that you can enjoy with your family and friends?

Are you overwhelmed with the reality of random piles of things, stacks of paper and a growing to-do list
that just isn’t getting done?

Do you feel you are constantly wasting your time
trying to find things?

Disorganization is frustrating.

It drains your energy, your spirit, and wastes your precious time.

A disorganized home never feels as good nor looks as beautiful as an organized one.

Hi, I’m Grace Bermudes, your home organization and management strategist. For over 5 years, I have been showing people how they can experience less overwhelm, less stress, more efficiency, and get more enjoyment from their homes, by creating an organized, well-managed home environment.

Like you, I have a very busy active life. Personally, I love living an active life and wouldn’t have it any other way and I don’t think you would want to change that either. While raising a family, (my youngest of four just turned 18) with pets, teaching, volunteering, running a business, gobs of do it yourself projects, and living through remodels, I know first hand how quickly things can become unorganized and overwhelming as that to-do list grows. Along the way, I have learned a lot of strategies that just making getting organized easier and faster.

The way you approach your organizing, does matter!

What would you like to accomplish?

Would you like…

A cleaned out and organized garage?

An easy filling system for all your papers?

Your patio and deck ready for summer parties?

Space and ease to remodel, renovate or do more decorating? 

Get off to a smooth start.

Getting organized is the first thing you need to do.

“getting rid of clutter eliminates 40% or housework in an average home”  -Ottawa Citizen

Being organized is such a time saver.

Imagine facing each day relaxed and confident, because you are organized and in control of your to-do list.

How do you want to spend your time?

Won’t it be nice to be able to find things, know where to put things, and have more time to enjoy your home with family and friends?

If your answer is YES I am ready to get organized then great, let me help you!

We all know that things get done when we schedule them, so if you have decided NOW is the time to get organized then….

Here Are 2 Ways You Can Get Started Being More Organized Today!

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Grace Bermudes

Your Home Organization & Management Strategist

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e-book on organzing paper “Paper Solutions”

– report on top ‘Organizing Snafu’s’ and what to do about them

subscription to my twice monthly e-zine with tips on how to keep your home organized and special offers

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